Saturday, 30 July 2011

Euro-Pro NJ600 Table Top Blender: Product Review

Euro-Pro NJ600 Table Top Blender

Pros: High efficiency, Powerful, Results in nutritional health drinks and smoothies, Precise control, Stable
Cons: Noisy
Make yourself tasty nutritional smoothies with Euro-Pro NJ600 Table Top Blender. The Euro Pro Ninja XL Blender has a 1000-watt powerful motor and a 72-ounce pitcher for making virtually any type of healthy or bar drink. You can make any sort of a drink in no time with this blender. Mostly suitable for smoothies, Euro-Pro table top blender is reviewed as one of the best blenders so far. Accepts wide products, can blend almost anything, and also creates shaved ice. its blending efficiency is very high, it blends really fast. Today it is approved by many consumers and its demand is also very high. Its capacity is 2.25 quart. The powerful blades allow you to chop veggies for appetizers or crush ice for frozen drinks. Blades are really powerful and even the ones at the bottom of the blender. Euro-Pro NJ600 Table Top Blender is very easy to clean, all the parts are dish washer safe and thus no extra maneuvering is required to clean the blender.

Some other qualities of this blender are that it has a good pitcher, its powerful, precise control and stable. Its standard warranty period is 1 year limited, and power: 1000 watts and color is blue. Euro-Pro Table Top Blender is a beautiful blue colored table top blender with all the features that are required in a good table top blender. So do make space for this blender in your kitchen. It will definitely enhance your kitchen decor. Though some consumers might complain that it is a bit noisy, and so is recommended only for making smoothies. But this is not that big a drawback, as most of the blenders are noisy. other than this it crushes the ice, vegetables and fruits very quick and with ease with the extra blades up the blade spindle. Euro-Pro NJ600 Table Top Blender has powerful blades which allows you to chop veggies for appetizers or crush ice for frozen drinks. In all Ninja blender has everything from a good color to a great capacity and high blending efficiency, what can one ask for more in a blender. This versatile Ninja XL blender is sure to come in handy in your kitchen for everyday use and when throwing a party. so you can definitely spend your money on this one and you won't regret it.

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