Saturday, 30 July 2011

Emerilware FR7009001 Deep Fryer: Product Review

Pros: Huge capacity, Automatic storage and draining of oil, Easy to clean, Dishwasher safe
Cons: Oil leakage after few months, Odd plug but can be fixed
Emerilware FR7009001 Deep Fryer has outnumbered most of the fryers today. Designed to out fry most of the fryers these days, Emerilware FR7009001 Deep Fryer has everything needed in a good deep fryer. Emeril is a stainless steel deep fryer, heats oil to super hot for foods crispier and more flavorful than you have ever dreamt possible. it has variable temperature ranges for you to adjust to whatever sort of frying you require. The capacity is huge like it can fry about 6 chicken drumsticks at a time, which is a lot. the best quality of Emerilware deep fryer is that its parts are dishwasher safe. Can be washed easily in the dishwasher. Many consumers have given good reviews to the fryer till now. The price is little high but it is well worth it. Extremely easy to handle this fryer has everything that one can ask for. Most of the consumers are very happy with it. Also one of the main features is that it has an oil drainage system. You simply slip the switch from fry to filter and it automatically filters the oil (once it's cooled down enough) into the storage container in the bottom.
But the best feature is, its easy to clean nature and also is very easy to handle. It can fry almost anything from vegetables, meat, French fries, chicken pork, donuts, refried bread just about anything will help and due cleaning isn't hard either so you can even deep fry ice cream. But there have been a few problems noticed so far. One of which is that after using it for few months it started leaking oil. Which is not a good thing. As it has the oil storage property leaking of oil is a bit of an issue. Secondly, the problem with the unit has been the odd plug. It may be a safety factor, but it seems to be held in magnetically so there's not a really firm connection, but its not that big a problem and can be easily fixed. Other than these problems this smart appliance automatically filters, drains and stores the oil. Emerilware FR7009001 Deep Fryer heats up oil really fast and has great capacity and will make your food completely delicious. Also it has a constant odor which will save you from the smell of the oil if you don’t like it. Emerilware Deep Fryer is just perfect in looks as it has a stainless steel body, with great color and will definitely go with your kitchen decor. So just make some space in your kitchen for Emerilware FR7009001 Deep Fryer. Even though it is a bit expensive but as rated by most of the consumers its totally worth buying.

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