Friday, 15 July 2011

Epson Home Cinema 8350: Product Review

Pros: Fantastic display quality, Great value, Simple set up, Prolonged warranty

Cons: Black levels less deep as high-end projectors, A few user fiddling might be essential for finest image quality, Brightness falls at long end of zoom-lens range

The Home Theatre 8350 is surely an enhanced and a bit processed edition of the older projector. The Epson Home Theatre 8350 is extremely vibrant in "brightest" mode, features overall good colour, and plenty of "pop" to the graphic. The Epson Home Theatre 8350 is generating brags for its efficiency and worth. Display quality is best shelf, and blacks are equipped for being excellent, although a few user involvement might be required to the out-of the-box settings to make that happen. Although performance is ideal in stained areas, the Epson 8350 may create loads of lumens for seeing in a well-lit room and can accomplish that without damaging color performance as much as various other projectors.

Lamp life is not a entertaining spec, however it is pleasurable understanding that your projector obtains more life out of a lamp - charges you significantly less - as compared to virtually some other projectors out there... Epson states 4000 hours irrespective of conventional or eco mode. The Epson having a 200 watt lamp, provides illumination usually only accessible in equivalent DLP projectors with 250 to 300 watt lamps.

There is an abundance of zoom range and lens shift, generating the 8350 simple to positioned in virtually any room. The LCD technology signifies that the rainbow impact isn't a problem, although hardly any people could see the rainbows linked to DLP projectors, another prevalent technology for home-theater projectors.

With regards to discuss the functional audio, in reality there isn't any. The Home Theatre 8350 is nearly subtle during operation, even in high lamp mode. It will likely be hard for visitors to listen to the Home Theatre 8350 during operation except if they're sitting with their ears up to the fatigue vent.

Along with, the Home Theatre 8350's black level is placed for ambient mild viewing. It could be enhanced simply by permitting the auto eye (that is certainly impaired automatically) and permitting Epson Super White. You can even change Gamma from 2.2 to 2.3 or 2.4; our dimensions established that the 2.2 predetermined was really nearer to 2.0, and this realignment provides the projector more in accordance with recognized specifications. But despite this adjustment, black level isn't quite as deep as those of higher priced 1080p home theater projectors. To be honest, black level has become so good lately that it's tough to differentiate without a side-by-side test, so this is not a problem that a user will likely discover.

The Home Theatre 8350 is the heir of last year's Home Theatre 8100. The Home Theatre 8100 attained our Editor's Choice Award as being a fantastic value for the money. It acquired high illumination, great positioning versatility, and affordability both in purchase price and preservation costs. The Home Theatre 8350 proceeds this custom, getting even better 1080p film and video efficiency into your home theater for much sensible pricing. It is obvious that one generates this year's Editor's Choice Award for elementary 1080p home theater projectors.

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