Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Dimplex Metro Pbq-120-Metro Tabletop Grill

Pros: powerful, easy to use, great heating, fast cooking.

Cons: no negative points as such.

This electric grill is one of the best electric grills made so far. The Dimplex PowerChef Table Top Electric Grill (PBQ-120-METRO) is a compact, portable electric grill. Can be kept anywhere in your house, in kitchen as well as outside in the garden so that you can enjoy the sun as you grill. It can cook for about 6 people at a time. This Dimplex PowerChef table top electric grill performs as a big grill in a compact size. Its a powerful electric grill which heats up really fast and will grill your food in no time. High performance lives inside every PowerChef, giving you cooking results never thought possible in an electric grill. It is very easy to use and handle. This electric grill has Dual elements spread searing heat from corner to corner and the convenient one-touch control makes it easy to operate. Clean, efficient electrical operation eliminates the worries and hassles of gas grills. There are no cold spots, empty tanks, broken igniters or flare-ups. It is very efficient in cooking as there are no cold spots and heating is same all over the grill. It has 216 sq. in. grilling surface and reaches 650 degrees F searing temperature.
Most of the customers have liked it and reviewed it well.  Can definitely buy this electric grill as it is small, compact, easy to use, powerful and will fit anywhere. It has automatic controls which make you cook like an experienced chef. The food tastes simply great as it is made of stainless steel. So there is no hygiene issue which may occur from other elements like aluminium, etc. it is completely safe to cook with it and no chances of explosion. it consists of large removable drip tray for easy cleaning. Some of its features are hassle free grilling of 216 sq. inch grilling surface, 110V - just plug it in, gives superior BBQ performance - no flare ups or cold spots, Black finish, Balcony friendly. It is balcony friendly, perfect for apartments and condos. It has a revolutionary new cooking system with an EvenSear Dual Element technology. Just with a few easy steps, this table top electric grill gives great cooking results and produces delicious food in no time. In addition to giving great cooking results it also offers eco-friendly design that produces significantly less carbon emissions than a typical gas grill. Other highlights include an effective grease-collection system, a generous lid handle, and a sleek-looking design that will make a nice addition to any outdoor living space. Some consumers have also reported that this grill is a bit disappointing and does not heat as expected and also no searing. But as per most of the consumer reviews it is entirely a great product and can definitely be bought.

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